Beautiful Smile

It does not happen too often that we can admire snow-white teeth of a person. Why is it so? The reason for this is that the color of our teeth is conditioned by genes. Another factor which influences the way we perceive a person’s color of teeth is his/her complexion, the color of hair and make-up.

This means that teeth of the same color will look different if we look at a pale person than if we look at a sunburn one, or if we compare the teeth of the same color of people with dark and fair hair. What kinds of factors are decisive when we think of the color of teeth?

The concentration of pigments called carotenes in enamel and dentine determines the color of teeth. Tooth discoloration can be divided into two types: structural and superficial. The former type appears in two situations.

Firstly, it may be the direct consequence of an antibiotic treatment with the use of tetracycline, especially during the period of teeth development.

Secondly, it can appear as a side effect of a faulty root canal therapy of a dead tooth. The superficial tooth discoloration is connected with too much drinking of drinks such as coffee, tea, fruit juices and red wine as well as with smoking cigarettes.

Should we whiten our teeth or should we not?

If we feel this way then we should do it. The superficial tooth discoloration may be removed even during one appointment at the dentists.

A dentist or a hygienist is able to remove tartar or dental deposit from teeth with the use of all kinds of instruments, rubbers, brushes, polish pastes or ultrasounds and sand-blasting machines.

Quite another aspect is such whitening of teeth which involves the total change of their natural color. Methods and measures which are used to do it are considered to be absolutely safe. They do not destroy the structure of enamel or dentine.

beautiful smile

It has been proved that six-hour contact of a tooth with whitening stuff is comparable, for example, to 3-minute contact with coca-cola drink. Which method of whitening would you recommend?

First of all, I would strongly recommend teeth whitening which is supervised by a dentist. The least invading method seems to be night whitening with the use of the removable dental overlay.

It is filled with whitening substance and put onto your teeth for the whole night. Then this action should be repeated for another few or even several nights. To keep the effects of this process a patient may repeat the process every few years.

The years of experience have proved this method to be absolutely safe and without exerting any negative side effects on teeth. We take care of our teeth with more and more attention. Therefore, dental cosmetology seems to have prospects nowadays.

More and more people want to build their public image on the basis of a perfect smile. If a person smiles often than he is perceived as a trustworthy and believable person. If we talk with someone, firstly we pay attention to our speaker’s eyes than to his mouth. And that is the reason why dental cosmetology becomes more and more popular today.

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