Bodyweight Exercises Are The Key To Successful Training

In my many years of training people in the military and in “civvy street” I’ve found that when someone is against doing something new, they will usually sit and wait, make excuses, make excuses and ask “why should I do that?”

Thing is, from experience although it is good to ask questions in order to confirm things, a lot of people will actually use excuses all the time and they end up doing nothing and achieving nothing much in life.

Many people demand to know the “whys”, but in the deep reaches of their being, they don’t really want to change.

I have given up on trying to explain because they don’t really want to know WHY they want to hold onto a currently held belief.

My method of showing people the way is to simply get them to see my fighting fit programs, get started on them and then they see and feel like a new person and don’t need to ask WHY any more….

My bodyweight exercises consisting of my never seen before, unique series of “Battle Group” exercises will turn you into awesome shape both physically and mentally, I have listed a few benefits with some answers to WHY, get the truth, here are a few:

They work really fast – here we go:

Why Bodyweight Exercises Are the Key!

Bodyweight exercises let you condition your body from nearly every conceivable angle or position – weights don’t do this.

When you do the Battle Group you are training major muscle groups and gain not only massive strength but flexibility and fitness at the same time. Most people who lift weights concentrate on specific muscles (isolation training). Bodyweight practitioners hammer weightlifters hands down.

Bodyweight exercises also increase stamina and endurance Combat Alpha, Combat Bravo and Combat Charlie are a battle-proven example of this.

Bodyweight exercises blitz the ligaments, tendons joints and muscles at a depth far times greater than weights; in turn, giving you “working strength” The person who does a set of press-ups hits the muscles of the arms, shoulders, back, legs and abs much more than anyone that’s carrying out say, a machine or free weight bench press.

By the way, within a few days of exercising the body may suffer the same pains. For this, no one requires to go to the doctor because you can solve this problem by yourself with using DIY massager for body pain relief at home.

I could go on and on explaining more reasons… but we need to move on – you’re either with me or against me!

Thankfully there are more people with me and the numbers are rocketing up and up worldwide every single day as they invest in my Battle Proven bodyweight exercises and change their life for the better – they have taken the bull by the horns – what about you?

Be the best!!

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