Build a Tiki bar

The essence of the use of bamboo in the states, nothing says party animal like a custom built Tiki bar. If you can construct a birdhouse, you can build a Tiki bar. Just take a look at this easy Tiki bar which uses our rain cape, bamboo, and reed fencing.

One of the materials used largely in the world is bamboo. It has gone into every form of building a structure, transport vehicle, weapon, and public competence. Scaffolding for apartment and industrial buildings are still prepared from bamboo in many Asian nations. In the early days of flight, imaginative inventors would not have been capable to get off the ground if it hadn’t been for the wonderful properties of bamboo.

Pound for pound, one of the lightest, strongest, bendable building materials, it was the first choice of many aspiring aviators. One of the first ship-launched airplanes was prepared by Eugene Ely in a plane composed of bamboo and sailcloth.

Qualities of Bamboo’s

Bamboo’s intrinsic qualities, as well as its natural beauty, keep it in the forefront of the world’s attractive substances. If there is the capability to imagine, bamboo can help achieve whatever you’re thinking of. We’ve been building custom fencing since us preliminary importing bamboo over 100 years ago.

An attractive addition to any landscaping or garden, bamboo provides an organic feel and natural look not found in chain link or processed wood fencing. Built-in panels sized for your job, bamboo fencing can usually be shipped by Carrier truck.

Smaller fences can occasionally be shipped UPS. Due to the physical restrictions of bamboo, some curves may not be possible. If your design calls for a heavy curve, assume about substituting a large diameter pole with manual rattan or a bundle of small twig bamboo.


We began constructing custom bamboo fences when several customers, searching for either an oriental look to decorate their homes or an oriental look to elaborate their presentations, inquired about them. We have many dissimilar designs, some of which can be seen here under fence designs, or you can take a look at our custom sleeve fencing.

Each of these fences is handmade and depending on the style, can take wherever from one day two weeks to manufacture. In addition, many customers come to us with visions in their heads of what they want their property or presentation to look like.

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