Creating A Meditation Garden

Meditation is something that you can do anywhere and at any time.  However, our lives are filled with distractions and you need to displace yourself from your daily life to achieve the flow state easily.  Creating your own meditation garden is the perfect solution to this as it is a separate space with an intended purpose which is also conveniently placed.

You can browse the internet for some inspiration and decide on what you like.  This will help you determine if your garden should be a traditional one or your own interpretation of a meditation garden.  To make the process of creating a meditation garden easier, there are some useful tips that you need to know about.

Get Inspired

Meditation is a practice which is found throughout the world and there are different approaches to it in different cultures.  You might find that you like the traditions from China and Japan more than the less known practices from the Middle East.  Of course, you might enjoy a more modern approach to your meditation garden such as those found in Australia, North America, and Britain.  Each movement is characterized by the use of plants and trees which are native to the area thus making them unique.

The most popular meditation garden type is the Zen garden which is also known as the Japanese rock garden.  Gravel and sand will be accompanied by pruned trees and water features to create the typical garden.  If this sounds like your ideal tranquil location, this is the type of garden you should look at, but each style does have something different to offer.

More contemporary meditation gardens will use features that are particular to different cultures.  This will create a new blend of sensations which might suit your needs better.  It is easy to find more creative ideas for your meditation garden online.

Make It Suit The Purpose

Your meditation garden is your personal oasis and you can design it in any way that you want.  There are no right or wrong approaches to design, but there are some tips that you should consider.  The key elements will be the same such as a fairly enclosed space which is open and airy at the same time.  Noise is something that is unwelcome unless it is natural such as wind and birds.

You can activate your sense of smell by planting some fragrant flowers, but you should not overburden the air with scents that cannot work together.  Your mind needs to be able to wander freely and not be distracted by the mixture of scents.

Meditation garden

Meditation can also come in many forms as the focus is on achieving mental clarity and emotional calm.  This can be reached in a number of ways depending on what works best for you.  There are some people who like to sit quietly and allow their thoughts to wander toward this state while others do this through yoga, gardening or reciting a mantra.

If you choose yoga, you need quiet, but you also need space.  The space will need to be open so you can do the exercises without any restraint.  A focal feature should also be considered such as a water feature.  These types of space can also work for those who use a mantra.

If you enjoy meditation through gardening, you need to organize your space and choose your plants.  Depending on what you prefer, you could grow vegetables, flowers, fruits or herbs.  To start meditating, all you need to do is grab your garden gloves.  Plants will need regular attention and when you nurture them you will feel more at peace with the world around you.

The Key Features

You should always section out the area of the garden that you will use for meditation as you are likely to use the garden for other activities.  If you already have an arch or a porch, you should use this as the focal point.  However, a bare patch of grass with a good view can also be used.

You need to hide your garden away from the surrounding noise and create your own secret area.  To do this, you can use wooden panels or grow a hedge to get the desired effect without any feelings of entrapment.  To get this desired effect, you can also use taller pot plants.  All of this will depend on your personal preferences and your budget.

It is recommended that you add a small pond or another source of water to help you get closer to nature like one of these fountains from Outdoor Art Pros  However, you should not overdo this.  A few statues and pots can also add to the ambiance.

A Meditation Garden Promotes Better Health

It is important that you design your meditation garden in your own garden.  You can clear out a space and separate it from the rest of the house before creating your little oasis.  Depending on your personal preferences, you should tailor your garden to suit the meditation practices that you have.  Your meditation time will bring you more joy when you are separated from outside noise and disturbances.

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