Most Common Early Signs Of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is something that doesn’t confirm overnight. It takes a little time to verify the pregnancy. There are some common early signs that will confirm that you are expecting. you may be wondering what are those signs? well, stay closer and ready below you will find all your answers. Let’s begin.

There are some most commons early signs of pregnancy. These are some of the early signs of pregnancy:

Sore boobs:

it’s a common symptom of pregnancy. Tender breast is something which you will spot at the first place as an early sign or pregnancy. The blood flow will increase as well as the size of the boobs too. You will feel that your boobs seem heavier than before. Also, you will feel a bit pain in your boobs. Even they will turn so sensitive to touch after a few weeks. You may feel shallower. But not to worry about it. It’s just a symptom. The size of the nipple can increase as a symptom as well.

Dark nipples:

You can see that your nipple and around it is getting a bit darker. It’s an early pregnancy which is really common among the ladies. It can happen before you conceive. The hormonal changes are behind this thing. The breasts along with the body prepare for the baby to feed it during pregnancy and it creates dark spots. It just a progress. Still, if you feel scared you can see the doctor.


you can see a little bleeding but not to be worried you are going to have a baby so it’s a common thing that will happen. Your fertilizer egg changes and bleeding can happen. It can happen to you or may not.

Frequent pee:

You might go to the toilet very often to pee as a result of pregnancy. Nothing to be afraid of as the HCG level of you urine increases because of the pregnancy and causes frequent pee.

common signs of pregnancy

Missed period:

Missed period is one of the most common early stage pregnancy sign. If you miss your period then you might think that it’s for another reason. But if you see the other pregnancy symptom with missed period then congratulation sweetheart! You are going to be a mom Soon!


You might feel like you are getting tired often and feel like to take nap frequently to feel better. Yes as it’s an early sign of pregnancy. The whole body system will change and you will feel sleepy every time for that. Your energy is going somewhere else and you will feel like you are becoming a person who loves to sleep. Don’t worry tell you friend that you are not lazy.

Morning sickness:

You might not feel like waking up early in the morning as it’s an early pregnancy sign. There is no other answer of it expect you are pregnant and it will happen to you now.

Smell sensitive:

You would become smell sensitive. You might feel disgusted with the smell of food or may not. Anything can happen. Any good smell may feel as a bad one because of the pregnancy.

Vomiting and feeling dizzy:

These are the most common early signs of pregnancy. They will be followed for a long time then gradually you will feel better.


You might feel the craving for something often as an early pregnancy sign. You might even don’t know what you want.

These are the most common early pregnancy signs that pregnant women can face. If you face some of those symptoms, don’t forget to go for a pregnancy test and consult with the doctor as early as possible. Keep calm and stay safe.

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