Answers To Common Questions About Bio-ethanol Fireplaces

If you are looking for an eco-friendly heating solution for your home, look no further than bio-ethanol fireplaces.

While fireplaces that burn wood are still extremely common, they fall short in a lot of areas when compared to bio-ethanol fireplaces. One of the key benefits of choosing a fireplace that burns bio-ethanol fuel is that it is far more eco-friendly than a traditional wood-burning fireplace.

The term bio-ethanol is used to refer to a number of different types of fuel that are derived from organic plant matter. Traditional fuels such as coal and wood are notorious for releasing greenhouse gases into the environment. Bio-ethanol, on the other hand, is a clean-burning fuel, meaning that it doesn’t give off gases that could harm the environment. When it burns, it doesn’t release smoke or ash. It is also completely odor-free.

One thing that makes these fireplaces unique is that they don’t require any type of ventilation. That means that you don’t have to install a chimney or flue. Additionally, you can take them with you if you move to another home.

We recently had a chance to talk to Charles Scott from Beauty Fires. During our conversation, we asked him these three questions about ethanol fireplaces:

Are ethanol fireplaces capable of providing heat for a large room?

According to Scott, fireplaces that burned bio-ethanol fuel are definitely capable of heating large spaces. The key is to choose a fireplace that is sized large enough for the room. Most fireplaces are rated based on their heat output. Traditional wood-burning fireplaces typically give off between six and ten kilowatts per hour  (kW/h) of heat. You can find ethanol fireplaces that are designed to produce 12 kW/h of heat, putting them right on par with traditional fireplaces.


How do bio-ethanol fireplaces measure up to other fireplaces in terms of their cost?

These fireplaces usually fall in the same price range as traditional gas or wood-burning fireplaces. The primary difference is that they are much less expensive to install. Like all fireplaces, the price is affected not only by the quality of the fireplace but also by its heating capacity.

How Affordable Is The Fuel?

Although the price of fuel can vary based on your location, it is usually quite affordable. Best of all, it can be delivered directly to your home and is compact and easy to store.

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