Simple Ways To Get Rid Of Snow On Lawn And Driveway

“Snowing is an attempt of God to make the dirty world look clean.”

Mehmet Murat ildan (Turkish Playwright)

Well, snow is one of the most beautiful and romantic things in the world. A lot of people all over the world love snowing. In a free day, you can love to enjoy watching the snow fall from your window with a mug full of hot coffee and calm background music. But in reality snow can be irritating and it can harm your lawn and driveway. It is a very big challenge to deal with frozen precipitation once it hits the ground. That’s why I have come up with some tricks and tips about snow removal process. If you’re expecting snow, you can read out this one.

Tips: To Get Rid Of Snow

Place some long stakes around your lawn driveway and walkway:

Place some long stakes around your lawn driveway and walkway. This is important. Those stakes will show you where your walkway, lawn, and driveway is. Also, those will help you to find the place where to shovel, plow and melt. Make it easy to find the perfect place otherwise you could be faced with a mess yard come spring.

Pick the right snow Shovel:

If you want to buy a cheap shovel just forget the idea. Try to get one of the best shovels if you can. Once snow hit your driveway in about some inch’s you will find out why I said to buy a right one. Try to purchase a strong medium size shovel with plastic or aluminum blade with nonstick finish. The long-sized shovel can harm your back and arm. So try to avoid long one. For removing heavy snowfall use S-shaped shovel and for light and fluffy snow use C-shape.

Shovel whenever you can:

As this is a boring job to do many people wait for few inches of snow. Don’t make it sticky. Shovel whenever you can. But remember that shovel can be dangerous for your body. Stress your muscles otherwise you can be injured, try to stay warm so dress with layers, don’t do it for so long perhaps take break and work, wax your shovel blade but don’t make it slippery.

Snowblower can be effective:

If the snow is too heavy and wet you can use a snow blower instead of the shovel. It’s very tough to shovel heavy snow with the shovel. It can be injurious. Perhaps with a snow blower, you can easily get rid of them. Though it’s a bit costly it is the timesaver for you and also it can help you to get away from injury. Just be very careful when operating a snow blower. All shields must be in place and keep hands and feet away from all moving parts.

Also, you need to take care of your snow blower perfectly. Well, you must be thinking which one is better Gas Snowblower or Electric snow blower? if you have a long driveway and a good health I suggest you use the gas snow blower. If the area is small and you are not much healthy use the electric snow blower.

Make use of a snow plow:

If you have a large parking area or a long driveway you can use the snow plow. Personal snow plows are available for pickup trucks, SUVs, cars, ATVs, and UTVs. Just install a front receiver hitch and attach the plow. Before you start plowing lower the blade (according to your user manual). Now it’s simple just drive forward to plow and reverse back to depart the snow where you piled it.

Apply a roof rack:

You can buy a roof rack to remove snow from your roof. A Roof snow rack is about 20ft long aluminum hoe. Before buying it you have to watch the best available roof hoe in the market.

Apply Ice Melt:

There is no doubt that slippery sideways is dangerous. You can be injured for that. Thankfully, salt and ice can’t co-exist. Commercial deicers use a mixture of chemical variations of salt to melt away risky ice on walkways, and driveways. But you have to be very careful because those chemicals can harm your pets. But it’s also a very effective way to remove ice from your walkway.

The Huge amount of snowfall and cold weather is always frustrating. But if you follow above steps those can help you to get rid of snow.


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