9 Classic Gifts To Give Your Daughter On Her Wedding Day


Deciding what to gift your daughter on her wedding day can be a challenge. But with our help, you can find  the right gift for her easily. Here are some awesome gift ideas for your daughter’s wedding she’s sure to love

9 Classic Gifts To Give Your Daughter On Her Wedding Day

●      Family Heirlooms

This is placed first on the list because it’s dearest to the heart. Certain items are carefully treasured through the generations. They pass through the years and speak of rich ancestry. Handing over such items is symbolic to marriage when your daughter begins a new branch of the family. Heirloom items can include certain pieces of furniture, jewelry, cookware, clothing and even family recipes! You can place them in antique boxes to showcase their age and specialty.

●      Appliances

New brides will be furnishing a new home very soon. And what better way to say you love her than by giving her a helpful appliance to speed up her daily chores? Recently married couples will also be short on cash, so you can go ahead to sponsor some of the bigger items in their homes like a dishwasher or washing machine. Ideally, the closer the relation, the more useful the gift should be. If they already have the main items, you can gift smaller ones like stand mixers, coffee makers and microwaves.

●      Bedding

By bedding, we don’t mean regular sheets and comforters. Get your daughter a really good piece of bedding. Something in silk or a rich material with heavy embroidery. You can even customize it by engraving hers and her husband’s initials on it creatively. Bedding will serve as a functional yet opulent gift if chosen well.

●      Clocks

The odd thing about clocks is that it shows how love can be truly timeless. And that’s a beautiful message to give your daughter on her wedding day. Also, when she looks at it every day, she’ll be reminded of you!

●      Jewelry

If you really want to make a woman happy, buy her jewelry! It’s as simple as that. Women love shiny sparkly things and an exquisite pendant or engraved bracelet in platinum or silver can spell your affection in the most blaring way. You can also consider gifting family jewelry like heirloom rings or simple everyday wear chains and lockets based on lucky stones.

●      A Personal Sketch

If you draw well or know someone who can create sketches, get a good sketch done of your daughter and her loved one, frame it and gift it to her when she’s furnishing her new home. If not a paper sketch, you can also try animation or 3-D printings or sketches from skilled designers over the web. Your daughter will be thrilled you took so much time to add a touch of yourself to her decor.

●      Personalized Wine Bottles

A great way to use your daughter’s favorite wine to your advantage is by buying a few bottles and wrapping them beautifully with instructions telling her to open it only when certain events take place, like:

  • Getting a promotion
  • Celebrating her husband’s birthday
  • Turning 30
  • Spending a year together, or her first anniversary
  • When your baby says ‘mama’ for the first time

You can even make this cheeky by throwing in some humorous events like “when you finally stop biting your nails.” Or you can make it sentimental with events like “when you miss me.”

●      A Marriage Advice Book

Though it’s a bit cliché, if presented humorously, a marriage advice book would be a great way to share your wealth of knowledge about relationships to your daughter who is just about to begin one. There’s so much to tell and you don’t want to sound too motherly (or fatherly for that matter!) also. Spice up the book with life examples, sprinkled with memories and funny moments and customize its cover with a good photo of your daughter… And she’ll treasure this book for ages!

●      More Daughter Wedding  “Light Bulbs”

Sometimes we only need a wider choice of gifts to get the light-bulb moment. On the website Gift Light Bulbs you can find more wedding gift ideas for your daughter that you should consider to give her on wedding day. With more ideas, it will be easier for you to realize what is the right gift for your daughter.

Sometimes, it is best to contribute monetarily to your daughter’s new life as money would be a shortage for her with all the newness around. Some parents even pay up medical insurance for their daughter’s family for a year or clear up pending student loans so that the couple does not start their marriage in debt. You can also straight up ask your daughter what she wants if she’s choosy or does not seem to need anything.

But remember that if you are paying for the wedding, too expensive gift is not expected from your side. However, if you still do want to give her something special, this list can come in handy.

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