Most Common Injuries Caused By Baby Gears And How To Avoid Them

According to a study, a child under three faces accident because of baby gears including strollers, cribs, jumpers, walkers, carriers and so on in the USA. That means, on average, more than 660000 injuries occur in a year! Surprising isn’t it?

Baby gears are designed to make the life easier. We parents are bound to some of those. Can you imagine a day without a stroller or carriers? No offense, those items make the nurturing job easier. But those also responsible for various child injuries.

Today I am here to share some common injuries that caused by baby gears. I will also discuss some effective tips so that you can avoid those. Let’s see:

Baby Carriers

Almost 20 percent of child accidents occur because of baby carries. It is the most known culprit. However, injuries with carries actually happen because of the lack of awareness of parent.  When using a baby carrier, you should follow some fundamental rules.

  • Read the instruction manual thoroughly for proper use
  • Never cover your baby’s face. Keep checking and assure that you can see the baby’s face all the time
  • Check your baby frequently
  • The head and neck position must stay supported
  • Ensure that you can slip your finger between baby’s chest and chin. If it is too tight the baby can’t breathe properly

Cribs, Mattresses, and Bedding

19 percent of injuries happen due to misuse of cribs, mattresses, and bedding. Even drop-side cribs were banned in 2011 due to high injury rate. Remember, soft bedding, pillows, blankets and stuffed animals can result from suffocation and other harms. Same rules go for the soft mattresses. There are some safety tips you must follow to keep the baby safe while asleep:

  • Keep the baby sleep on its back
  • Crib should be firm
  • The mattress must be well fitted and covered by fitted sheet
  • Don’t keep stuffed animals near the crib
  • Don’t use pillows blankets bumper pads, quilts or sheepskins


Strollers are responsible for 17 percent of child injuries.  Strollers are one of the most beneficial items. Almost all parents keep stroller to carry their baby. However, most of the strollers are made with basic safety features. Yet injuries happen because of the lacking of awareness.  While picking stroller for your kids, they should go for wider wheelbase. There are some certain tips you should follow while using strollers. Those are:

  • Read instruction before use
  • Stroller must have 5 point harness
  • Don’t hang anything on the stroller
  • Use break while leaving the baby alone on the stroller
  • Keep the stroller clean
  • Try not to leave your kid unattended


A walker is another baby gear that can cause harm to your baby. Those usually use to teach the kid how to walk. A walker is also kind of toy that can keep the baby busy.

Those are actually not so harmful, but without proper attention, those are also dangerous as well. Let’s follow some safety rules for baby walkers:

  • Try to purchase a baby walker that is solidly made with premium quality baby-friendly materials
  • Always keep the area clean where the baby walks
  • Never keep it near stairs, pool or any sharp surface

Mostly a child faces accidents and injuries because of fallen from surfaces and varies baby gears. That’s why the parent should always stay aware so that the kid never fall from anywhere. Besides, some other injuries occur because of harmful bacteria’s and virus. All you have to do is always stay safe and clean all the kids’ stuff.

So, that’s how injuries happen. Dear mom and dad, it is your duty to stay aware about the products you are using for your child. Only your awareness can save the day. Hope those tips will help you on your way.

We will meet again soon with lots of other effective tips and relevant product reviews. If you have anything to know, just feel free to ask. We are always here to help.

Best wishes for you!

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