What You Should Know About Honda Portable Generators

Honda is a fine brand that has developed a reputation over the past 40 odd years for good quality machinery at excellent prices. This credo has helped it compete and prosper in the extremely competitive car and motorbike markets.

However, Honda is not only limited to automobiles and motorbikes. They have a number of other products and a developing line in the power tools market. One such line is Honda portable generators. They have quickly developed a reputation for sturdy and reliable generators at reasonable prices.

These are some of the details on a Honda portable generator. There are a number of ranges of the generator. Each range has different models within it. Each range and model generally fits a specific need be it efficiency, sturdiness or some other factor.

Indeed, most industries will find a Honda portable generator that can hit the spot, be it in the recreation, rental, emergency or construction industries. All Honda generators are also certified as meeting the regulations of the Environmental Protection Agency (or EPA) and the California Air Resource Boards.

Different Models Of Honda Portable Generator

The EU series of Honda portable generator is considered the powerhouse of generators. Notwithstanding this, it is also very quiet
You could say that they are at the cutting edge of portable power technology. To this extent, you can find an EU series generator that can produce 1000 watts of power through to 6500 watts. This range is also supremely quiet, and fuel-efficient.

They are a perfect fit for many homes and recreational uses as a backup or primary device (when camping for instance).

Another impressive series of Honda portable generator is known as the EM series. You would really describe these machines as the deluxe model in the Honda generator stable. They can provide 3800 up to 6500 watts capacity. They have many features that can suit both home and recreation needs up to commercial uses. In fact, the EM series is powerful enough to handle it all.

On the slightly heavier duty side, the EB series of Honda portable generator is made for industry and commercial applications. They can deliver 3000 watts through to a massive 10500 watts of power for any job that you may require. They also have many features that industries like construction find invaluable.

It would be remiss of me to leave out the bargain basement model in the Honda portable generator stable. These are the EN and EG series. They are reliable and robust and come at a cheaper price range than many of the other models.

However, their power output is for smaller applications as they come in at 2500 to 5000 watts.
So if you are looking for a generator for your home, for recreational use or for your business, then check out a Honda portable generator. Along with the undoubted quality, you can also pick them up cheaply.

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