Living like a True Aussie for a Year

Traveling is all about getting to know other countries and other cultures, trying out local dishes, learning about other people and their customs, and creating memories through valuable and fun experiences. However, you can’t say that you’ve actually got to know a country and its people unless you’ve spent (at least) several months there; otherwise, you’ve only been there on a vacation. For all those who dream of getting to know Australia and living there for a while, we give you a list of possibilities to make your dreams come true.

Work and travel

For those who are looking for a way to travel the world and still earn some money, WHV – Work and Holiday Visa is what you need. This is a special visa you might be issued, which will allow you to work in Australia during your stay, but you need to meet certain conditions. You need to be over 18 but under 30 and hold a passport of a country that’s a participant in Australia’s Working Holiday program. From the day your visa is granted, you have a year to enter Australia, and you should take some time to do thorough research and look into workplace conditions and learn about your workplace rights.


Great Barrier Reef

For those who aren’t too concerned with money but would like to get some really valuable and unique experiences, Australia offers a chance to volunteer in different places, doing all kinds of things, so you can focus on what’s important to you: rescuing, caring for, and releasing Australian animals back into the wilderness (koalas, kangaroos, wombats, emus, dingos, etc…), living in a cabin in the Australian wilderness or near the Great Barrier Reef and working with sea turtles, etc. Whatever your passion may be, there is probably a program in Australia to help you pursue your dreams, make a difference, and experience life in Australia at the same time.

Road trip across the country

Those who would like to really get to know this big and beautiful country should be prepared for many months of travel in different conditions: Aussie summers are scorching hot and winters aren’t too cold, making them even better for traveling around. If you’re adventurous and would like to see places which aren’t easily accessible, this means that you’ll have to sign up on many tours, or simply get your own vehicle and set your own pace. There are many places for getting second-hand vehicles, and a great thing you can do is get a station wagon and use it for traveling as well as for sleeping (as you can sleep in the back pretty comfortably). Purchasing your own vehicle will give you freedom and independence, and you can spend as many months on the road as you want.

Study in Australia

City of Melbourne

After high school, you’ll be looking at the next great and important step in your life and preparing for university. Life of a student is a rollercoaster of working hard and partying even harder, and you want both areas covered: your education and your social life. Australia is the best place for both: university cities of Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth have a lot to offer to every student. Not only will you be able to attend prestigious universities, but you’ll be able to take advantage of wonderful beaches and wild parties that will be taking place everywhere. Keep in mind that life in Australia is expensive, so try to find affordable student accommodation in Melbourne CBD, Sydney, Perth, or any other place you intend to study in.

Australia really has a lot to offer to everyone: tourists, students, business people, and volunteers alike, and once you go there and really get to know this magical country, you will certainly fall in love with it. Living abroad and away from your home is never easy, but when you have a vision and when you follow your dreams, you will learn a lot not only about the country you’ve moved to, but about yourself too.

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