How To Make Your Home Feel More Cottage-y

With spring in full swing and summer just around the corner, this is the time of year when people really start thinking about their homes again and how they can open them up to the sun and make them more enjoyable to live in.

Image CreditWell this post is about just that – whilst you may not be able to stick a meadow or two outside your back door, there is plenty you can do inside to make your home feel like a summer cottage, full of character and a pleasure to be in. So go grab your scrapbook and a few paint brushes and let’s get started.

Steps to Make Home Like Cottage

Paint And Color Scheme

We’re going to start off with a fresh lick of paint because in almost all cases this is a great way to lift a house and make it feel new again; For that authentic cottage feel, light pastel colors are a must. Think of color schemes inspired by a day at the beach, sandy yellow and very light blue work well together.

Try to also make your colors look sunbleached – very pale colors like this can be hard to see the point in (in the tin they might look almost white), but on your walls, they suddenly make a lot of sense.

If you want to go a step further, wainscote panels are sure to make your home feel more cottage like and if your walls aren’t in great condition they can save the cost of re-plastering too.


The next step is to kit out your cottage with authentic furniture. Modern furniture is a good way to spoil the look – what you really want is old and ideally distressed looking furniture. Farmhouse style chairs are a great fit for the kitchen.

The great thing about this look is that you can generally get pre-distressed furniture by simply looking on eBay or craigslist, and since it is used; it is often a lot cheaper than you would pay new furniture.Storage
In the kitchen, in particular, it is important to get the storage right.

Try to keep cupboards to a minimum and instead go for open shelves. Pots and baskets are ideal if you have the work surface space.

A hanging frame for your pots and pans is also a must, and will probably not cost as much as you might expect; in fact, you can probably make one yourself if you feel adventurous.

Again, try to stick to light colors. Cottages can feel quite cluttered and it is important to get the balance right to make it feel cozy but without seeming to cramped. Natural pine will keep it feeling airy and light.Modernising
The reality, of course, is that unless you actually live in a cottage, going over the top with this could result in your home not quite feeling right.

Mixing in a little bit of modern styling is a great solution to this.

Fitting modern, granite work surfaces in the kitchen will offset the cottage cupboards nicely, and brushed aluminum kitchen wear will offset your distressed saucepan hanger too. With the stylish kitchen trash can helps to update your kitchen at the modern look.

Of course, you can take this idea as far as you like, and in reality, you may just want to pick and choose what you try in your own home, but I think we could all take a few cues from this classic style; don’t you?

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