10 Practical Tips For Coping With Twins

Twins!!! Surprised? Afraid? Happy?  Whatever you are, you have twins, so you have to think outside of the box! Raising a single infant is already a tough job. And now you have twins, so it is harder than you imagine.

Don’t be so afraid! According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report, 33 twins born in every 1000 childbirth. After 1980 the birthrate of twins has increased to 76 percent. So you are not alone. So many parents have to deal with twin’s issue.

I have ten essential practical tips for the parents who need to deal with twins. Readout carefully you may find a little help.

Get help as much as you can

Dear mother, you are doing amazing to raise your twins I have no objection on that. You are incredibly fabulous. But as it is twins so your duty is increased.

Let’s face it, you have to feed both of them, you have to shower them, you have to play with them, have to change their diapers, you have to walk with them and so on.

Though the father can help you out it’s not sufficient. Don’t hesitate to take help from your mother, mother in law, sister, brother, father or even from your trusted friend. It will be a great relief for you! You can even get a bit rest.

How to breastfeed twins

According to the report, world health organization breast milk contains all the essential nutrition that a child needs. For the first 6 months after the birth, breastfeeding is enough for your child. But it may seem tough to feed both of them. It is one of the most critical issues that every mom should cope with. Well, you can maintain a regular nursing schedule.

But though they are twins they are individual so their needs may appear individual. For example one of them may need to eat every three hours and one may need to feed every four hours. But if it is possible, try to feed them together it’s the best solution.

Here also a good supporting partner may help you out a lot. However, you can use nursing towels and pillow for better support and take a position that you feel comfortable with. Be careful, don’t hurt your baby while breastfeeding.

Bathing Twins – Bath time tips and advice for two

Well, provide a bath to twins at a time a challenging task. It is not mandatory to give bath both of them together. You can maintain a schedule like Saturday, Monday and Wednesday are for one and Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday for another. And you can bath them together in weekends if your husband or any supporting friend is with you. After bath wipes them properly with a clean soft towel.

How to play with them

You have to play with both of them often. But never play ones favorite game and totally ignore another one. Play something that both of them love and like. You can bring toys for them but as they twins so don’t purchase different toys. You can also give them a walk.

Childs usually love to visit outside of the home. You and your husband can hold two babies and go out. If you are alone you can bring a double seated baby stroller and give them a ride. This will make them happy and relax. But don’t go out on a sunny day!


Parents of twins often make them wear same dresses! I don’t know why they do that! It’s quite tough to put same clothes especially in the first couple of months. They use to pee a lot and you have to change their clothes frequently. So, it would be tougher to find the same dress every time.

Better not to bother with same dress issue put them any clean cloth from your drawer. You can maintain dressing code while the turn big and complete their potty training.

If twins started crying together

That’s not common. Both of them don’t feel distressed together. But the sometimes day did and started crying together. When they do it is the most unpleasant situation. If your husband is around or any supporting hand you can get a bit help.

If you are alone don’t be fed up. Better try something weird or funny that both of them like. Feed them if they needed. You can make a list of something they love. Like you can play their favorite music or videos or dance for them or make weird face they love. Or so many other things you can be able to find out by yourself.

Cope with sickness

It is not mandatory that both twins have to be sick together. But sometimes they do. When they do don’t be depressed. Little babies often feel sick that’s common. Consult with your doctor and paid great care to both of them.

However, the usually irritate much at night. Try to maintain a routine with your husband. Like you can care them for 3 hours and then your husband can care for 3 hours. In the meantime, you both can have a little bit rest.

Diaper changing issues

It is not as easy as you are thinking. They usually don’t evacuate or pee at the same time. While you are changing one’s diaper be very careful that another one doesn’t mix the new diaper with the used one. If you have twins the effort is twice I know! You can even use a pack n’ play bassinet for your twins. This will help you a lot.

Attachment needed equally

If one of the twins is sick you may pay great attention to him or her or suppose one of them need to stay in the hospital and another is at home. It can be possible that you make a great bond with the child who stays with you longer or who is sick! Don’t do that! Both of them are yours and they need equal attention and love from you.

Join a Local Group

You can even join a local group or twins club where you can find all the essential help and advice you need. You can listen others coping problems and you can share your problems and find lots of helpful advice.

Finally, may those tips can make your life a bit easier. Sometimes while caring for babies parents often forget to spend some quality times together. This increases the stress. Try to find some time for yourself too.

Stay safe and sound. And give your twins the best you can! See you soon. Take Care!

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