Revealing The Secret Intrinsic Properties Of Tempered Glass Sheets

Glass has been there in our lives for more than 2 centuries. And have walked a long journey in home interior designing. Modern architecture is all about being aesthetic plus decent and glass is helping to achieve these looks goals. Ever since glass has evolved itself too like now more than 10 modern types of glass sheets are available according to their use and properties.

Glass Types And Their Use:

  • Tempered glass: these are hardened and toughened glass sheets. Used as a safety glass that cannot be shattered so easily. Tempered glass sheets are those type of glass panels that are used mainly in high human activity area.
  • Laminated glass: these are also somewhat safety glass sheets but clearer and shiner panels. Used as outdoors of shopping places for window shopping purposes. Other than that these sheets are used at the point of sale mostly.
  • Frosted glass: Frosted glass sheets are those unclear and opaque glass sheets that can be used as privacy panels. For making more private home walls, office partitions and unclear doors this panela are applied. Frosted glass is another those types of glass that are made by acidic or chemical treatments. Sandblasting is another method of frosted glass making method.
  • Tint glass: These are exclusively colored glass sheets. Glass being though transparent but colored can exude the space and its appeal in no time. These colored glass sheets are widely used nowadays in buildings and commercial areas.
  • Float glass: clear glass type that is the first clear and thin glass sheets that have been ever made and are still popular. All these glass types can be previewed at the Fab Glass and Mirror. These guys really have the best tempered glass company in USA.

How Tempered Glass Is Made

Tempered glass is a specialized type of glass that is made from those raw substances but their texture is bit different. It is important to know How Is Tempered Glass Made.Ordinary and tempered glass is made by melting the silicon particles commonly called sand. Glass is semi-solid and amorphous in nature because when these sand particles are molten down they become an unclear liquid. This liquid after melting down on high temperature is now cooled down by instant temperature dropping. So what actually happened here? Sand particles were all scattered owing to high energy due to high temperature. By instantly cooling these particles they are arranged in a haphazard manner and we get clear glass sheets.

But this last step is not same in terms of tempered glass manufacturing. After melting down the liquid is cooled down slowly and steadily and this a proper time is given them to be settled down. And thus result is toughened and hardened glass sheets and this process is called annealing f glass or tempering of glass.

Chemical Properties

  • Smooth atomic state of atoms
  • More cohesive bonding of molecules
  • Large networking of atomic particles
  • Not easily breakable because of the strong internal molecular arrangement

Physical Properties

Crystal-like clear: These tempered glass sheets are clear and transparent sheets. Like all the other glass types these sheets are too visibly appealing because of clear appearances.

Hardened: tempered glass are hardened glass sheets. Annealing is a process of making glass more strong and tough to break that is why they are shattered able sheets. Tempered glass is made just though a critically observed manufacturing process that they become enough stout. So these hardened sheets provide more safety.

Thick: Unlike other glass types these sheets are thicker. Because usually these sheets are used in making frameless doors that is why they are thick like double panels merged together. This property also makes them enabled that they do not break easily.

Heavy yet portable: being tough, hard and thick these glass sheets are heavier when compared to others. Yet they are handy and portable. Because cannot be broken down easily so to carry and transfer these sheets is really an easy carrying process.

Custom made and cut: tempered glass sheets are not easy to cut or to say that these sheets are not cuttable out of factory is something more right. Therefore, these sheets are made custom cut and on customized orders. Any unauthorized attempts to cut these sheets will make permanent damage to the glass.

Shatter free: These sheets are not easy to cut yet not easy to break. Therefore, tempered glass is believed to be some high-class safety glass sheets. Usually these sheets are used in high human activity areas like kitchen, bathrooms and front doors.

Extensive Uses Of Tempered Glass Sheets

Shower glass doors are made of primarily and preferably by using tempered glass sheets. Because here utmost safety of humans is required that is why these panels are applied. Other than that these sheets if break on high stress, do not make large shreds that can make any human flesh cut. Tables tops are also usually made of these glass types because sometimes any sharp-edged or abrasive surface can hit the table.

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