3 Reasons Why A Doll’s Pram Makes The Perfect Kids Birthday Present

It can be a tricky task, buying gifts for your little ones, and even more so if you happen to be a first-time parent. It isn’t always easy to keep up with the constantly changing trends and fads that are out there and find something that you know will really be loved for years to come.

So often your carefully chosen gift is played with for a short time before being cast aside for the latest must-have toy, and children tend to be far less sentimental than adults, making it rather difficult to strike a balance between a really special gift to mark a birthday, and something that they will actually appreciate and use.

There are however a few things that have well and truly stood the test of time, and one of those is the much-loved doll’s pram. Over the years it has proven its longevity as a toy that is enjoyed by generation after generation, so read on for three reasons why we think a doll’s pram is the perfect present for your little boy or girl for their next birthday.

It encourages them to be active

These days we are surrounded by more and more technology, and this has resulted in children being a lot less active as they grow up than they once were.

Once upon a time children played outdoors on a daily basis, but with the addictive nature of video games, iPads, TVs and even mobile phones, more children are simply coming in from school and then becoming glued to a screen until bedtime. This has led to children getting far less exercise than they once did.

The British Heart Foundation actually found that less than 30% of UK children reach the recommended allowance of physical activity on a daily basis, something that can have a significant impact on their development, and also increase the risk of health issues.

A doll’s pram helps children to be more active, so it’s a great addition to their lives. Your little ones can push their prams along with mum or dad while out and about, or simply play with it at home, and stay active while playing, rather than it feeling like a chore.

It helps build their imaginations

Encouraging imaginative play is so important when it comes to your child’s development, and playing with dolls and using a doll’s pram offers up a fantastic opportunity for role play and the use of their imaginations.

This type of play builds their motor skills, such as dressing and undressing their dolls, which is helpful for teaching them to apply these skills to themselves. The pram itself can also help them learn to walk, as it provides a stability aid.

Sequencing skills can be developed through dressing the doll, putting it down in its pram, and tucking it in, and your little ones talking to their dolls will help to develop language and socio-emotional skills. This post helps to explain in a little more detail just how important imaginative play is in terms of child development.

It stands the test of time

Doll’s prams are a great choice of gift if you are looking for something that is likely to become a toy that is played with in the long term.

We spoke to Play Like Mum, who sell Silver Cross doll’s prams, and they told us “doll’s prams are something that has been around since Victorian times, and yet are still just as well loved today.

They are suitable for different ages, and your child can grow with them, but they can also be passed onto children of their own, as they can last for years and years.”

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