3 Reasons Why A Dolls Pram Makes A Perfect Present For Kids

Buying gifts for children isn’t always easy, and they are notoriously difficult to please. Once they reach a certain age, it seems that there is always some must have fad or trend that they are desperate to get their hands on. Unfortunately, in most cases, these coveted toys are played with a handful of times before the next big thing piques their interest and you have to shell out again.

So how do you buy them something that they will truly appreciate and love for more than five minutes? We think that the good old dolls pram makes for the perfect gift, so read on to find out three reasons why you may wish to consider buying one!

Dolls Pram

They encourage your little ones to exercise

These days children are spending more and more time in front of screens, and from a younger age, meaning that a lot of little ones are just not getting enough exercise.

In fact, the British Heart Foundation found that less than 30% of children in the UK are getting the recommended amount of exercise on a daily basis. This can have a really detrimental effect on their development, and also increase their risk of developing a range of health issues.

A dolls pram is a great way to encourage them to be active, as they’ll have loads of fun pushing it around both indoors and outside. Little ones are usually perfectly content to push their dolls pram alongside mum or dad and go for walks as they are now officially playing!

They encourage imaginative play

Imaginative play is something that is hugely important for your child’s development, and it is something that as a parent you should be doing all you can to encourage. Make sure that your little ones have plenty of space to dream up their own games and worlds and be creative!

Imaginative play helps build social skills, develop empathy and impulse control, and improve problem-solving skills amongst plenty of other things. This article helps to delve into the importance of imaginative play on a bit of a deeper level!

Playing with dolls and prams is a great way for your little one to use their imaginations through roleplaying, and playing with dolls has so many great benefits for children such as teaching them sequencing skills, language and social skills.

They stand the test of time

One wonderful thing about the dolls pram is that its a toy which has been around for decades and shows no signs of falling out of popularity any time soon.

We spoke to Play Like Mum, who sell a beautiful range of Silver Cross dolls prams for little ones. They told us: “dolls prams have been popular since the Victorian Era, and we believe that they will still stand the test of time for generations to come.

They are something that can be passed down to younger siblings once they have been outgrown which makes them a really great gift!”

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