How To Remove Rust From The Shower Caddy

How To Remove Rust From Shower Caddy

A chrome or even stainless steel shower caddy, not just appears smooth in the bathroom of yours, it is also a crucial tool for keeping keeping bath or shower accessories organized. The only drawbacks of a metal shower caddy is the fact that over time, it can begin to rust. It may decrease the visual attractiveness of its and leaving rust marks on the shower wall. To clean a rusty shower caddy can be hard for you. But, keeping one rust-proof is easy with a little bit of prevention. Anyway, today I am going to share you that, “how to remove rust from shower caddy

Why repurchase a costly shower caddy whenever you can bring it to brand new once again! There are several inexpensive and easy ways to get it back to life and again eliminate those rust and stain marks. Without scrubbing a number to times a week, the rust and soap scum discolorations would reappear on the shower caddy again.

Even after 3 days, they will show up and turn all of the body scrubbers of mine to a rusty mess along with it. Yuck! It was very annoying and having to purchase yet another one made me even more disappointed!

That is when I’d a light bulb second and then discovered an inexpensive and easy way to change it back into that new shower caddy I at one time had. Spray paint! Yep – simple as may be. Check out, how I transformed the old rusty shower caddy into a new spotless one.

The very best component is, you can pick any color you want. You will find variety of spray paint colors on the market.  Also, it will be a lot of fun determining which style you need. Moreover, you get fed up with that color and you need a change, it is very convenient and fast to do!

Remove Rust From The Shower Caddy

More Ways For Removing Rust From A Shower Caddy

You will find several ways to remove rust from a shower caddy. They’re easy and make use of affordable substances. Any blend of the subsequent ways will help keep the shower caddy looking modern.

Often clean the chrome surfaces

With the aid of an all-purpose cleaner, you can clean the chrome finished caddy. Squirt several all-purpose cleaners on it and run it in with a soft cloth. Various other options for cleaning the chrome are baking soda and cup soda.

Remove soap scum

You can also stop rust or even keep the caddy clean by removing the soap scum. Otherwise, you can do this by wiping the components using cooking spray or even dryer sheets.

Sodium bicarbonate

Another efficient option would be sodium bicarbonate. Combine it with water to make a paste. Apply the paste to the chrome surface and leave it for hours or perhaps overnight. After that, wipe the surface area with a soft dry cloth.


Many people use Brasso. Brasso is a metal cleaner which can be a little more costly compared to many other home products. It can go quite a distance because you simply have to put it to use on the shower caddy when a week.

When working with Brasso, keep the bathroom properly ventilated. Also, keep it out from kids and pets as it has a strong smell.

Shower Caddy

Fresh lemon juice as well as salt

For mild rust on the chrome surface area, apply a combination of lemon juice and salt. It’s Eco-friendly and inexpensive and may guard the caddy against undesirable scratches.

Steel wool

Ensure you make use of materials which won’t damage or even scratch the shower caddy. Steel wool, as well as rags, are excellent examples. Use either of the 2 with any natural items or maybe metal products to remove difficult rust.

Rust stopping spray paint

For rust that’s beyond repair, you can use spray paint which prevents rust. You will find it from any shop nearby you. After the rust is included with the spray paint, it’ll be shielded from additional harm.

Understanding that nothing lasts forever is the very first step to stopping something from becoming harmed or even lost. With regards to shower caddies, it’s simple to stop them getting damaged or rusty.

Shower caddies can last for generations when they’re correctly cleaned. Fortunately keeping them clean is affordable and simple.


Today you understand how to remove rust from the shower caddy of yours, you don’t need to replace it with a brand new one anymore. Ensuring it usually lasts for a long time begins with understanding what brands and types to buy.

You will find plenty of shower caddies now but just few of them lasts for a long time. Be sure to choose wisely; read shower caddy reviews or even try to get guidance from experts to determine which shower caddy will be perfect for you.

Let’s not talk more today, we will meet soon with another necessary topics! Till then, you can suggest or ask me anything below through the comment section.

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